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Complaint about excessive length of proceedings

Clients very often come to us already during the court case due to the fact that it has been going on for a few or several months, and there is a complete lack of response from the Court. This time a client came to us, who initiated court proceedings, but has not received any information from the Court for 8 months. Lawyers from our law firm have no fear of filing complaints on behalf of clients about excessive length of proceedings and awarding an appropriate amount of compensation. Our experience also shows that the lodging of this measure does not have any negative impact on the result of the proceedings, but there is a guarantee that within 2 months the complaint will be examined without undue delay and at the same time the court having jurisdiction to hear the main case will take appropriate steps. . In this specific case, the Court issued a judgment granting our claim by default 2 days after the complaint was filed about the length of the proceedings, and the complaint was granted in full by awarding the amount of PLN 2,000 as compensation.

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