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Appeal against the ZUS decision to the Court on the amount of the old-age pension

The client came to us with a case regarding the fact that the Social Insurance Institution did not take into account the fact of working in special conditions. Very often, the Social Insurance Institution does not take into account the given periods of work or its type, referring to the lack of sufficient information resulting from the documents. However, it should be remembered that evidence in this type of case may be, in particular, testimonies of witnesses on the circumstances when and in what nature the work was performed. The District Court in Gdańsk, after conducting the evidentiary proceedings from the testimonies of witnesses, which in principle is not easy due to the oblivion of the witnesses (often periods even 30 years back), allowed our appeal in its entirety. Thanks to appropriately asked questions by Advocate Ewa Czerlonek, the client obtained a pension in the amount due to him.

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