One of our specialties is consumer disputes with developers. The client contacted us with a case for the reimbursement of the reservation fee from the developer, in connection with the expiry of the contract period for which it was concluded. In practice, as a rule, all contracts concluded with developers are so-called adhesive materials, which are characterized primarily by repeatability and the lack of individual agreement with the other party to the contract. Most contracts concluded with consumers use prohibited clauses, which render them invalid. In the case of our client, one of the Tri-City developers refused to refund the reservation fee after the contract expired. The provisions of the contract were highly ambiguous, in which the developer saw his right to withhold the fee. After bringing the claim on behalf of our client, the District Court in Gdynia dismissed our claim in its entirety, stating that the consumer is not entitled to a refund of the reservation fee in this case. Advocate Ewa Czerlonek was convinced from the very beginning that the claim was justified, which was confirmed by the District Court in Gdańsk, which, as a result of the appeal lodged, ordering the developer to pay PLN 20,000 for the benefit of the Law Firm's client, together with the costs of legal representation. The success of the Law Firm in this case was based on full professionalism, determination and full conviction as to the legal knowledge, experience and, consequently, the rightness of the action brought.

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