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Repeal of execution from real estate

One of our main specialties is debt protection. In this case, the debtor contacted us during the enforcement proceedings against the real estate. Due to irregularities at the stage of court proceedings to award the amount of PLN 500,000 to one of the securitization funds, at our request, the Court revoked the enforcement clause for the issued order for payment, thanks to which the bailiff's enforcement was fully discontinued. Then the case was brought before the court having jurisdiction over our client. In the proceedings before the Court, based on the creditor's errors, we proved that the requested claim is not due in full. After the ruling dismissing the claim in full, the securitization fund returned to the Debtor all the amounts enforced so far, together with statutory interest for delay. The debtor can rest easy, the securitization fund is no longer able to pursue its rights before the Court, and even more so in enforcement proceedings before a bailiff.

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